All for one


All for one: an amazing deal on a range of great products for just €1 each.

You can now again enjoy an amazing deal on a range of many top products at your Agip filling station.

Look forward to these €1 offers – there’s something for everyone:

• Pringles (40g can, several varieties)
• KitKat Chunky (40 g/42 g, several varieties)
• BiFi Single Original (25g) & BiFi Single Turkey (20g)
• Adelholzener Bio Schorle organic spritzer (0.5 l bottle, several varieties)
• San Pellegrino (0.5 l bottle)
• Coca Cola (0.33 l can, several varieties)
• Veltins V+ (0.33 l bottle, several varieties)
• Espresso
• Chocolate croissant
• Passion fruit cream pastry pie, apple cream pastry pie
• Ham, cheese toast and salami cheese toast
• Ham and cheese croissant
• Pretzels (2 for €1)
• Cheese pretzels
• Sausage, Frankfurter sausage, Debrecener pork sausage
• Berliner, multi-fruit filling, powdered
• PURE Redbush Tea
• Warsteiner Premium (0.33 l can)
• m&m's bags (several varieties)
• Volvic (0.5 l bottle)
• Paderborner Pilsener (0.5 l bottle)
• Paderborner Pilsener (0.5 l can)
• Veltins Pilsener (0.33 l bottle)
• Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling (0.33 l can, several varieties)
• Langnese Cornetto Hazelnut and Strawberry

 All products shown for €1 each plus a deposit for all returnable and disposable products. At participating filling stations only. Products may vary locally. The offer only applies to the products shown and while stocks last.