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Success stories

ISSUE 3/2018
Partner: Thomas Jahnke
Photo: Michael Danner

“A taste of freedom”

Thomas Jahnke has been working at the Agip Service Station in Pasewalk since 1992. In January 2017 he took over the station and another one in Neubrandenburg. His is a success story with new ideas and a well-established team. 

Mr Jahnke, in early 2017 you took over two stations within a few weeks. Wasn’t that a bit much? 
You might think that, but I already had a track record of 25 years at the service station in Pasewalk and was very familiar with how things were. And I also knew the service station in Neubrandenburg very well, as I was often there, too.

How was it that Eni entrusted you with both stations? 
The station was advertised as normal - and I applied to Eni Germany in the usual way. It was no doubt also because of my experience that it worked out well: at that time, in 1992, I’d been working there from the outset, when my predecessor Bernd Wirzbicki took over the station in Pasewalk. 

From member of staff to entrepreneur – was that not a big step, despite your experience?
That’s hard to say. At any rate, it is a very good feeling that I can now decide myself, put ideas into practice and change things – even though I now have full responsibility for it. Overall, it’s already meant a taste of freedom for me.

What have you actually changed?
It’s been minor things. In the past it was normal for people to drink beer at the station in Neubrandenburg, for instance. That attracted a certain clientele, and sometimes caused problems. So, I put a stop to it. Although in the first few months I had to cope with losses in sales, since then sales have been higher than before, as what I did brought me many new customers, and the clientele has been very positive. 

And what about the station teams – have they also changed? 
No, there’s been no need to! I took on both teams in full, and am still banking mainly on full-time staff I can rely on one hundred per cent. You see, an excellent, well-established team is one of the key factors in a successful business!