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Success stories

ISSUE 1/2019
Partner: Murat Seyhun
Photo: Bernhard Huber

“The perfect place to show what you can do”

Murat Seyhun worked at the Agip service station in the Stachus square in Munich for three years before taking over the service station in Grünwald as an Eni partner. His experience as a station manager had served him well. 

Mr. Seyhun, from the Stachus to Grünwald; was it a big change?
Well, we certainly have a different clientele here south of Munich compared to the city. But the most striking difference is that here in Grünwald we have real peak hours in the mornings and evenings, while Stachus was busy around the clock; particularly at night too.

And for you personally, was it a big step from station manager to station partner?
Maybe I pay much closer attention to how well things are going now, because I’m ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the station. However, as a station manager I was already performing most of my duties independently, because my bosses trusted me implicitly, so I was well aware of the challenges ahead. I also brought with me the necessary commercial expertise through my training as a retail merchant at Kaufland. 

Is there a difference between the food business and the petrol station trade?
It’s very similar in terms of operations and inventory management, but the new aspect for me was working in a relatively small team. As a station manager, it was personnel management; I was only 21 at the time, and had to assert myself against much older colleagues. But they soon realised I understood business and could get stuck in. 

Were you able to learn something from your former bosses when it came to station business?
Sure! I place a lot of trust in my employees, and am rewarded with the most fantastic team spirit. We get together at regular team dinners outside the station to discuss things in peace, because we often simply don’t have time to spare in the everyday routine of the station.

How did you come across the station in Grünwald?
I had actually applied for a different station in Munich when Eni offered me the station in Grünwald. It’s a real showcase, and therefore the perfect place to show what I could do. That really attracted me.