Prepaid card

Prepaid Card

Prepaid card

The prepaid card is a gift card for private and commercial customers. You can purchase the card for 10 €, 20 €, 44 € or 50 €. The vouchers are available and valid at all German Agip service stations.
The card cannot be topped up.

Business prepaid card 44 € can be topped up 

The 44 € Business prepaid card is a monthly top-up payment card. It is designed exclusively for business customers and enables employees to permanently enjoy a financial benefit that is tax-free and social tax-free for you as a commercial enterprise (§ 8 para 2 sentence 11 EstG, the German income tax law). The monthly amounts are paid by bank transfer following an invoice and, upon receipt of the funds, the card will be automatically topped up with a monthly amount of 44 €.

For more information and questions please contact our service centre:
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